Kantzaros Estate

Packaging, Branding, Illustration

Situated in the Amyntaion Wine Region, near four lakes that create the perfect microclimate for vineyards cultivation, Kantzaros Estate is a new entry in the wineries of Northern Greece. When they asked us to create their visual identity and their labels, it only took us a small trip to their land. Nature was our inspiration. The domestic crane was the perfect image for their logo. It’s geometric design creates a wonderful bond with the strong contrast of the traditional typography. Over all, we choose a minimalistic aesthetic for the brand, with a color palette of beige and black.

The approach advanced in the labels. Our goal was to create a stunning modern yet elegant label for their first wine series. Trilogia is based on red grapes varieties and was inspired from Greek Mythology. Night (Νυξ), Dawn (Eos), and The Hours (Ωραι) make their appearance on each wine label respectively with a minimal and geometric style creating modern but timeless illustrations.
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